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Cork Board

Sell ​​Cork Board

Cork Board is made of cork, Quercus (oak) suber (cork). We sell Cork Board, is a type of bark (suberose parenchyma) that can be harvested from oaks Cork Board lives in a sustainable way. Peeling the bark from an oak tree Cork Board does not damage or kill the tree. Cork Board bark can be harvested from one tree for 200 years. The first time the skin is harvested is when the tree reaches 20-35 years. After the bark has been peeled, the tree will regenerate the skin. It can be re-harvested every 9-10 years.

Because Cork Board has a number of unique features, and it's sustainable, it enjoys new interests and is used in more products and ways. We sell Cork boards that are commonly used to help isolate cold storage spaces. Insulation Cork Board consists of cork granules that have developed during the manufacturing process. Isolation of cork is still made today and it comes in a variety of forms that include sheets and blocks.

Cork boards are used on the floor, in floor insulation, furniture, and on walls. The shape of the granules is used in larger insulation applications. Smaller pieces of Cork Board are used in wine bottles. The Cork Board sheet installed is used to store notes on the table. A small cork disc is used to absorb moisture as a glass mat. Cork boards are used on shoes to absorb moisture and provide shock absorption. Cork Board is used to reduce sound. This was also assessed because of its ability to float (as in fishing lines) and he found uses in craft projects.

Cork Board is one of the most functional parts you can buy for your home or office. We use it on our table, in the boardroom, in the hallway and even next to the office telephone. They are known to be great for organizations and keep all your thoughts in one place. We put up our shopping lists, a list of things to do, our pediatrician's appointments and baseball practices and somewhere there we put up some emergency telephone numbers that are needed if something happens when the caregiver ends.

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