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cork board sheet 90cm x 60cm

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06 Jun 2023
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Cork Produk

Specification of cork board sheet 90cm x 60cm

cork board sheets 90cm x 60cm are made of sawdust and have a light brown color, our products are of high quality because they are imported from Portugal, they are also called Cork Sheets. For orders, please call 0853 1003 7507 Jakarta.
cork board sheet 90cm x 60cm has a thickness of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm and only one size, namely 90cm x 60cm, is often used for announcement boards that are pierced, coasters for hotels, handicrafts, for furniture, can be screen-printed as well as heat-resistant mats.
The advantages of cork board sheets 90cm x 60cm:
- Luxurious elegant look
- It can be screen-printed with various image models
How to use cork board sheet 90cm x 60cm:
-After arriving the item can be cut to a smaller size or the original size of 90cm x 60cm can be used immediately
-If you cut it, it is recommended to cut it with a cutter and a ruler, because it is neater and better, if you use scissors the results can be messy
-For installation, you can customize it with a wooden frame, for a wooden frame, look for a place to sell frames, or if you don't have a frame, you can attach it to the wall directly with double 3M tape or with Aibon glue.
For outside the city, we send it using an expeditionary service, you have often sent it outside Jakarta, such as the islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi. Maluku.
To order cork board sheets 90cm x 60cm or for more information, contact us:
Name: Budianto Mobile: 0853 1003 7507
WhatsApp: 0853 1003 7507
We can send all over Indonesia via expedition
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